The success of a large trading firm isn't based on luck but on a dynamic research department.
Smaller firms and individual traders don't have full time research personnel, nor the time to do extensive
analysis. This is where MARKET TURNING POINTS fills the gap and equalizes the playing
field. MTP excels in analyzing and sending real time market information to its subscribers.
Some of its clients belong to large firms and find the service invaluable. For less than the
cost of paying a staffer a week's wage, you have this information Every Trading Day for a Year!

Timely Updates Throughout the Day!
Weekly Newsletters for Market Recap!
Market Turning Points is a service which provides an in depth perspective of market trends primarily through analysis of the S&P 500 cash index. The intraday updates help keep subscribers informed and the weekly reports project short, intermediate and long term probabilities. Quarterly and Yearly Subscriptions are available or, start with a FREE 4-Week Trial. All communication is by E-mail. Click on the Trading & Investing Strategy link for more detailed information.

This is what Ariel, the founder of “Chartlines”, has to say:

Market Turning Points updates featuring
Andre Gratian's Analysis.

Andre Gratian has opinions about the markets that you’ll want to know! Technical analysis can give great insight into the health of a market and the probabilities for its next moves. Andre Gratian’s weekend report with his technical analysis of the S&P 500 (SPX) includes an update of his analysis of gold. He takes an objective approach using classic technical analysis together with cycles, Fibonacci work and some thoughts about wave counts, in his Market Turning Points reports.

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